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Therapeutic Massage: Has long flowing strokes with medium pressure. Perfect for that moment in life you need to relax. Used to flush toxins, increase circulation, pain relief, and emotional healing.

Deep Tissue Massage: Very deep pressure with a slow movement over troubled area's to help relieve pain, Sciatica Nerve, and Knots, increase blood circulation, increase flexibility, emotional healing,and relaxation. Not meant for the weak pressure very deep. 

Swedish Massage: Long soft flowing strokes with very light pressure. Perfect for that I want to relax fall to sleep mode. Used to regain the diconnection some of us feels from childhood, and emotional healing.

Sports Massage: Massage used to flush toxins that are formed in the muscles of Athletes. Pre and Post Event Massage is offered. Increased flexibility, pain relief, endurance building in the athlete.

Thai Massage: Massage with very Deep Pressure done with Yoga style clothing on. Pressure Points in the body are found and a considerable amount of pressure is placed to release the blocked energy, Yoga style stretches are done for increased flexibility, positive energy flow, and emotional healing.

Combo Massage: Massage that is used for the client that has many area's in the body which require a different kind of atttention to achieve the goal of healing, relaxation, and restoration.

Couples Massage: Massage used to regain that connection that has been lost from daily life and the old test of time. In this massage all area's of the body is addressed and any one of the above services can be ordered.

Pre- Natal Massage: For the Mommy to be. This massage is specially tailored to fit the needs of the mother to be. any above service can be ordered to help the mother to be achieve the goals of relaxation, stress releif, back pain relief, relief from sitting or lying to much. Special care and attention is given to the mother to be.

All above Massages comes in Increments of 30min, 60 Min, 90 Min, and 120 Min. For massages of 90-120 min. An added service of Hot Stones for the neck back and shoulder is added to service with no extra charge. If you don't want Hot Stones you can choose Foot Reflexology.

ADD Ons: Muscle Energy Work, Sugar and Salt Scrubs, Loofah Brushing,
Body Wraps, Hot Stones, Lomi Lomi, Trigger Point Work, Reflexology for hand and feet.

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