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These are the Testimonies of clients that has been long time clients of Healing Through a Pure Conscience. We are also on, Angies List

Quotes For many years I have been and continued to be tormented with horrible symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Once I shared my issues with her she informed me that she is a massage therapist she is sure she can assist me not only with comfort but with ways to lead me to the road of recovery, and Jesus, that she did!! Sorry but I have to say this. Little packages do carry a powerful punch!! I was concerned because she is sooo tiny to me and I was afraid she couldn't even grip the swollen neck, nape, should, mid-back to lower back swollen muscles...and Lord Jesus!! Sista worked it out. Excuse my use of words but that best describes it. After about 2 months I saw GREAT improvement!! I was no longer having the burning thru the day and swelling of both hands and neck area!! Sherrice is truly walking in her calling of healing and restoration to mind, body, spirit and soul. She is an awesome teacher and student of Gods word!! Debra C. Quotes
Debra C.

Quotes Sherrice is an AWESOME massage therapist!! Don't let her slim build fool you like I did :). I work out a couple of times a week and Sherrice would always find the tight spots and loosen them right up. I've had the hot stone, the deep tissue and a chair massage on a regular basis. I highly recommend her services!! Charlotte S. Quotes
Charlotte S.

Quotes Sherrice listened to my every complaint and addressed all my tight spots and many other tense areas that I did not know even existed on my body. She provides after care instructions. Excellentg customer service! I will definately recommend her to all my family & friends. Her services are wonderful! Keisha W. Quotes
Keisha W.

Quotes Sherrice was a professional and personable massage therapist. She is attentive to the client's experience and aims to educate as well as assist one to relax. It was a real pleasure! Quotes
Margaret E.

Quotes Sherrice is wonderful. I have been having her come to my hotel for 5months now. When I bgan I was seeing her once a week. I am now down to once a month. My knee's ached bad, hands and my neck and shoulder's was hard rocks. I am in a much better place now I can bend my knee's now as when before I ached badly. I am not a hard rock any more my neck and shoulder's no longer just burn all day long. My hands are wonderful I can grip better. I lover her touch she is knowledgeable she always help me with home remedies. she is just wonderful. I would recommend her to my family and friends. I have recommended her to my husband. He hurt all the time when he walked. He no longer complains and is able to continue to work. Saishi Adayama Quotes
Saishki Adayama
Owner/ Hotel

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