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Elderly Massage

Posted by Sherrice Gist on September 23, 2012 at 3:15 PM

Elderly Massage is the manipulation of the muscles in a gentle non abrasive way. basic effleurage is used some petrissage is used also. You can implement some stretching remembering at all times to be genlte. I have found in my experience that elderly massage is more about companionship for an hour than any thing else. We accomplish a lot in that hour. During an Elderly Massage you have to keep in mind that you have a fragile human being in your hands. They are metamorphising right before your eyes. They are going back to the infant stage as I like to call it. They have done their work down here on earth and it is now time for you as the Massage Therapist to help them in their transition. In the Spirit you will guide. You will let them know that it is ok to need someone else to lean and depend on someone else that You are grateful for all that they have contributed to this world thorugh all the work that they have done. In their daily lives with thier children and in their communities in their workplaces. In theri Emotional State you will guide them to a place of healing by listening, by hearing everything that they are saying. By being that companionship so many of our elders are lacking becasue their kids have moved on. Because thier grandkids have grown up and are leaving them. Because maybe they have lsot their soul mate and are awaiting their time to leave. We have to hear what they are saying and most of them are saying I am lonely. I am alone and I am afraid and we have to make sure we reassure them through massage. We have to lsiten to the body next say I am tired my muscles are tired my bones are tired my organs are overworking and release all the toxins that have hidden themselves in our elders in a gentle way. We have to help them restore their range of motion in a gentle way. we have to encourage and uplift and say what they can do vs. what they can't do. In Elderly Massage we have to heal our elders. When I first moved to Los Angeles Ca. I acquired my first client in Long Beach from a wonderful place to advertise. You should go there You will get more business than you can handle. I have gotten all of my clients except two from them

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Reply Sherrice Gist
8:16 PM on January 20, 2013 
I have aquired 7 more elderly clients since this post and I can truly say they are the best. Patient, Kind considerate, thoughtful and helpful. I am abundantly blessed.

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