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 Just 1 Touch Spa & Wellness is a subsidiary of Healing Through a Pure Conscience offers an innovative way to approach healing and wellness through massage and spa services that are available with us. Our goal is to help you achieve the goals you yourself have created for yourself. We believe in a natural path to healing. We understand that your muscles need attention but we also understand that exercise, healthy eating, positive outlook on life is necessary to achieve long lasting results of massage. We do not leave therapy out of massage. We are a relationship building company that value people. We believe that you heal your mind body and soul. We believe that we lay our hands on you find your problem area's and let the healing process begin.. We believe that your emotional well being is a part of healing so your broken heart is healed. We believe that your Spirit needs to be set free so we set your spirit free we release that energy that spirit that is laying still in you free.

Healing Through a Pure Conscience is community conscious also. We reach out into the community to the homeless. Every Tuesday at 11am we offer 30 minute free massages to all the homeless of Long Beach and surrounding area's. We understand the effect that being homeless and sleeping on hard concrete can have on the body. The healing of the broken hearts that are walking our streets everyday. That the anger is masked by a broken heart who feels all alone, unloved, devalued, afraid of rejection, who are just tired and want to rest from the daily struggles of this world.

The Mission and love of this buiness was birthed out of a broken woman who needed to be healed herself. She was picked up by her mother, children, brother, sister, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, and nephews  friends, church members, and an ex-husband from an abusive relationship. Prayed over and protected. She went to a school that help her begin her road to recovery where she met a group of ladies that had such a passion for massage that it spilled over. Very ethical women who guided her through a learning proces while instilling passion, and ethics in her. A Woman that began a road that was not easy led her down a path and she has yet to turn back. She has lost some to Cancer, and Murder felt as if the life was sucked out of her but never gave up. Healing Through a Pure Conscience

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